Murder, Mistletoe, and Mayhem


A collection of stories:

The Headless Magi
Terence Faherty’s metaphysical sleuth, Owen Keane, is working at a crisis phone line in New Jersey, where several alarming calls from a young boy coincide with vandalism at a local Nativity scene, bringing a thought-provoking mystery home for the holidays.
Christmas Cache
Aileen Schumacher’s New Mexico engineer and amateur sleuth, Tory Travers, agrees to let her teenage son house-sit at the local university’s experimental solar-heated home – and ends up with a challenging Christmas puzzle: a mysterious shooting, a backyard full of buried cash, and original paintings even she can recognize.
Stocking Stuffer
Doing undercover security work during the holiday shopping rush, Wendi Lee’s Boston P.I., Angela Matelli, struggles to clear a woman accused of killing her ex-husband in a mystery filled with enough bizarre twists for an unexpected unwrapping of a Christmas killer.
The Empty Manger
Bill Crider’s Texas sheriff, Dan Rhodes, has his hands full with a “living” manger scene downtown when the body of the local councilwoman is found nearby. Rhodes has a suspect list as long as a string of Christmas lights – but it’s old-fashioned horse sense that leads to a surprise killer.


Although I really didn’t care for the first two stories in this book that much, I really enjoyed the third and fourth book in this collection. All of these stories did have crazy plot twists that I enjoyed and were all centered around Christmas-my favorite. The style of the writing of the first two were what really put me off, but the stories were well written. It was just personal taste. If you enjoy a good mystery, I totally encourage you to check Murder, Mistletoe, and Mayhem out.

Thank you all for reading! I have left a link below for the book for anyone who is interested. It is an affiliate link which helps me out a small percentage. Until next time!

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